Yves – Refit Weeks 1 to 4


Work is underway to sort out some soft planks in Yves’ hull, varnish the masts, replace an internal bulkhead, replace all the rudder bolts, re-galvanise the stem band (a metal covering on her bow), new antifouling, repaint her white hull, sort out some varnish plus various other bits and bobs. Hopefully she will look wonderful when launched on 16 March. This of course is all subject to the weather!

Stirling and Son, the yard she is in, is based in No1 Covered Slipway, famous for building ships for the Royal Navy back when we were at war with France. It was build in 1763 and built one of Nelson’s flagships, HMS Foudroyant in 1798. The yard is now designated an ancient monument, like Stonehenge.


This is Yves inside the yard on her first day there. It’s like a cathedral dedicated to shipbuilding. Although not big enough for Yves’ very tall main mast.


The mizzen mast being being repaired and revarnished.


The planking repaired ready for painting.


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