Our Planned Route


Here is an outline of our route plan, starting from our home in Alnwick, to our berth in Plymouth’s Sutton Marina and then hopefully ending up in Assos in Greece.

Here is a picture of Yves (pre refit) on her berth in Plymouth and one of Assos, a beautiful isolated coastal village in Kefalonia.

So, from here in Alnwick to Plymouth, Falmouth, La Coruna, Gibraltar, Majorca, Minorca, Sardinia, Italy, Corfu, Paxos and then finally Assos in Kefalonia. Alnwick to Assos… It all sounds easy if you say it quickly, but I’m sure weather and tide will dictate further stops and detours to make our safe passage. There’s plenty of scope for challenge and disaster but hopefully lots of fun as well.

Remember too, we are raising money for the Evie Campbell Fund, look at our About page on this site or type sailing Yves for Evie justgiving into Google to find the donation site.

Thank you!