The Eve of Yves’ Launch

I drove 430 miles today in advance of Yves’ launch tomorrow. We will take her across the river to Mashfords to put both main and mizzen masts in. Here are the pictures of Yves tonight, with Bill Starey (Plymouth’s version of Scotty of the Starship Enterprise) burning the midnight oil to get the electrics on the mizzen mast sorted. There are also some pictures of the “ice boat” in the yard and of the Barbican, the area around her “home” at Sutton Marina, as I walked to get some food before a super-early start in the morning.  I had a wonderful fish stew at Quay 33.

You can see from the photographs, Will’s yard is like a working museum, absolutely amazing. Both Will (and his team) and Bill are true artisans in their own fields and I am very lucky to have them working on Yves.