The Art of Yves

Here are four artistic interpretations of Yves in different mediums:

Top Left

My painting of Yves, commissioned by Lotty for a Christmas present and painted in watercolour by Helen Fay, a well known artist and printmaker who specialises in animals, based here in Northumberland. We got to know Helen through our son Hector and his friends, who include Helen’s daughter, and we too have become friends. Helen, who attended Sunderland University studying for a BA in Printmaking and an MA at the Royal College of Art specialising in Natural History Illustration, has been a successful fulltime artist since 1992. This painting is a real departure from her normal work and takes pride of place in the saloon on board Yves.

Top Right

A print by the most famous yachting photographer of them all, Beken of Cowes. This shot taken of Yves in 1955 is printed in sepia and again is hung aboard Yves.

Centre Right

A photograph by Nick Philbedge, a photographer based in Salcombe, Yves’ previous home port. This image shows her crossing the Salcombe Bar and is called Crossing the Bar. A large copy of this print hangs in the home of the previous owner of Yves.


A photograph of a picture owned by a French family who previously owned Yves and who were at one time thinking of purchasing her back into the family. I have no other details about the painting or the owners.