Leaking Like a Sieve…

Yves started to fill her bilges with water last week, leaking like a sieve. Why is nothing simple with boats?

Much investigation later, the good news it’s coming down, not up. It’s rain, not sea water. Mast seals, some deck caulking, the damned lazarette hatch and the cockpit sole. Will and his team tracked them down, and fingers crossed, she’ll be sealed by Tuesday. Nothing is simple with boats. You’d think boats wouldn’t leak, wouldn’t you?

Clockwise from top left:

 – Water coming in via the floor (sole) of the cockpit which has no effective seal

 – Tiger – Sitting in the aft single berth to catch out and scare random boatyard owners

 – Main mast being checked for the identified water leak

 – Working around the boat with the netting, here around the best outboard bracket in the world – Remember, I plan to be buried with this outboard bracket…

 – The damned lazarette hatch that is probably the primary reason for all the hard work having to replace the rotten aft bulkhead and the water damage to the boat – the rot now all fixed by the expertise of Dimetri at Will Sterling’s yard – The hatch is holding out though, despite previous work to improve it and its seal