We ARE Ready to Go!

All critical preparations are finished. There are lots of jobs for the journey, but we can finally set sail tomorrow, thank goodness. It’s another 2am finish, but a happy one this time. Unfortunately there’s nobody to celebrate with, because everyone is asleep in their berths… I think I’ll try and find a glass of wine and some Frazzles!


Faulty new parts, part deliveries and gremlins in the works have all delayed us from leaving on Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday. Fingers crossed we go tomorrow! Still chaos on board, Bill up the mast again, and working late into the night. 


We sailed to Fowey in Cornwall on Wednesday and stayed for a night. 7am saw a cruise ship reversing up the river 20 feet from our port side. Fowey is a lovely town and we had a great stay with lots of useful boat practice thrown in.