A Coruna – A Safe Haven

Landing in A Coruna was fabulous. After five heavy days sailing, the land moved up and down and the boat didn't.

Our wonderful friends, John and Miguel, a broken bilge pump requiring a part from the UK, our love for the city and a need for post-Biscay recovery conspired to keep us there for nine nights. We had wonderful times at the beach, museums and eating out with our very generous friends to name but a few of our great times. A hidden jewel of a Spanish city.

Yves, as usual, was much, much admired by a huge number of visitors to the pontoon. Our Yves story is now greatly rehearsed and requires little thought.

I ran the dinghy painter over and wrapped it round the prop as we were reversing in to the berth. A symptom of extreme fatigue. My wonderful sailing knife from Lotty at Christmas and some athletic jumping over the stern into the tender got it free, but needed a mixture of boat hook and diving to get it untangled during our stay.

Then off South to continue our adventure and save ourselves from a horrendous situation in Camarinas…