Winter Update – Educating Children

Daily schoolwork in the mornings has been a strong feature of what we are doing. Lotty is amazingly focussed at keeping Hector strong on the National Curriculum. One to one tuition on all the subjects is very intense and completed every morning.

But of course education isn’t just about books, so we’ve explored, seen local history (right back to prehistoric times) made things, drawn, designed, gone to Italian lessons and tried to give them both the widest possible exposure to life. Here is just a small selection of what went on.

A boat we made and set sail but we haven’t heard from her since

Etna erupted and so we’ve learned about volcanoes

Making boats to sail

Seeing wildlife

Making little books


Falling off bikes and getting stitches

Learning to wash

Understanding animals

Learning about healthy eating

Seeing new things

Looking for terrapins

Dressing up


Being friends

Working as a team

Craft days

Mac the cat