Lost in Time

I put this blog down after we set sail to Tunisia and for many reasons never finished it off.

Part of the reason for not completing it was the sail away from Tunisia, around Sardinia and back to Sicily. We encountered so many issues with Yves, the weather and finding water. It took time away from even considering writing anything. Time and distraction then fell into the trip home at the end of the season and getting our all our belongings in aircraft baggage. Then we were back in the house and putting that back together, which flopped into me being in hospital in November after getting pneumonia and flu, or Covid? I flew back to Italy for more personal possessions just before I became ill, so suspect Covid now. Italy was hit before us.

Anyway, I’m going to finish this over the next few days, if only to get closure on the whole experience and add the final pictures of the adventure for posterity.